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How America Secretly Fought For Phylicia Barnes: Web Slueth Detectives, Lipstick Chatter, And Psychics Had Worked Teens Murder Case From The Gate

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They are moms, school teachers, and other professionals from all around the nation whose meeting places are far remote from the glare of television cameras where society usually obtain information when tragic murder cases hit mainstream media. Their communities are in the backdrop of real criminal investigations within the forums of Lipstick Alley, Websleuths Crime Sleuthing, Psychic Detective Forums, and all while sharing ideas about murder cases and other crime. The value of information that could be obtained from many of these communities is unmeasurable when you consider the craftiness, tenaciousness, and diligence many of their members implore to discover information pertaining to crimes and the would be perpetrators who prey on the vulnerability of society at large. Long before cops even had a suspect related to who may have killed young Phylicia Simone Barnes, there were discrete investigations being conducted centered around many of the people who the teen had been around while in Baltimore. Social media sites, television broadcast about her story, and other unconventional investigative measures created opportunities for private chat conversions to transpire with some of the very people who rightfully should be characterized as persons of interest in her killing. Some of the details that were shared in these same communities have been so powerful that it would literally knock your socks off. This reminds me of information that was sent to me from an anonymous source living on the west coast. I was given an complete chart that outlined the entire Johnson family, from the family matriarchs, to some of their youngest children, addresses, and even property that some family members owned. I was amazed at the volume of apparent sleuthing on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and other social media sites had revealed. Perhaps the most intriguing piece of information I obtained was tweets from people who were around Deena and Phylicia up until she disappeared. That information paints a very compelling story that not only was Barnes more than likely killed by a Johnson Family member, but many of them were probably involved in the cover up or at the very least had knowledge regarding what happened to the teen. More importantly though, many are ignorant to the fact that a volume of information was probably turned over to authorities investigating this murder. On December 28, 2010 the activities of some of them was simply very suspicious. We all know that Michael Johnson called out from work that day because it has been widely reported in the media. The story of him taking his baby brother home because he didn’t have permission to be at Deena Barnes’ apartment that day has always been confusing to many people following the case. The perception is that Johnson wanted to be alone with Barnes so he could have sex with her, but was Michael Johnson really alone that day when he says he went back to the apartment to do laundry? Those tweets show he was in a car with younger brother Glenton that day around the time he said he last saw Phylicia. In fact about 1/2 hour before Johnson allegedly saw the teen sleeping on the couch, tweets confirm he was driving in a car near Rolling road smoking pot. His brother even tweeted earlier that he was standing in line which many believe was at the Wal-Mart on RT 40 in Baltimore County, which is in proximity of Rolling Road. It makes you wonder how cops even found out about the Wal-Mart purchase. Probably from forum members who gathered and compiled the tweets made that day. When police investigate crimes of this nature, the use of GPS data while tracking cellphones has become an extremely useful tool in mapping out the nearly pinpoint accuracy of a suspects whereabouts. Around the time Johnson says he was moving personal belongings out of the apartment the tweets depict him with Glenton, supporting my belief that he wasn’t alone when he went back to the apartment to do laundry as he claims. The tweets from that day (which gives an idea of what a person is up to, or what’s on their mind) gave investigators valuable insight on their activities, and the GPS data revealed the location where they were. It’s highly believed by many following the case, that the information combined (tweets & GPS data) was ground-zero in which the entire “murder theory” they used to convict Michael Johnson was born.  His story about taking young Dylane Davis home does create the idea that he wanted to be alone with Phylicia, but information gathered through the forums outline a better understanding why he wanted his kid brother out of the way. It’s not a secret that Dylane and Phylicia who are in the same age group were extremely close. Dylane confirmed this when he testified that he had slept in the same bed with Deena Barnes and Phylicia the night prior to her disappearance. Michael Johnson took his kid brother home because he knew that he wouldn’t be able to have sex with Phylicia with Dylane in the picture. Let’s face it, Dylane a minor, had been allowed to stay the night but strangely didn’t have permission to be there in the morning. That part may seem confusing to some, but not really, once you look more closely at information that these sleuthing communities have brought to the surface. Another element that probably hasn’t been brought to light is that a key to Deena’s apartment had been lost, and one of the Johnsons told a sleuther he regrets having lost it because it may have cost Phylicia her life. Through covert measures a sleuther gained the family members trust, and engaged him in private chat conversations online. Not only did he reveal the “missing key” element of the case, but he even admitted to being present and his participation in the nude streaking which was captured on video. He also expressed regret for having paraded around with the child in the nude. The missing key didn’t factor into how the Barnes murder case concluded, but it offers a glimpse at how ordinary citizens were successful extracting information from people close to the case. One of the most notable efforts to find the Barnes teen’ killer was revealed when TPC discovered that a school teacher and another concerned citizen, spent hours up late at night working tirelessly, to compile tweets made by Johnson clan members on December 28, 2010. It’s uncertain if that information actually forwarded to investigators by these two sluethers, but there is very compelling evidence that the information could have been a gateway into what ultimately caught Michael Johnson. Help in Phylicia’s murder also derived from super natural elements as well. Psychic painted vivid images of what the child’s last moments were, describing dwellings that airily resembled the well cops searched after getting a hit for a dead body near the property of Johnson’s older brother, and one even accurately described a bridge connecting two parts of land over a large body of water. I have to admit the premonition was very convincing:

The Conowingo Dam in Northern Maryland: Where the nude body of Phylicia Barnes was found, and possibly the location Danisha McIntosh was referring when she tweeted, "It's trapped at the dam.

The Conowingo Dam in Northern Maryland: Where the nude body of Phylicia Barnes was found, and possibly the location Danisha McIntosh was referring when she tweeted, “It’s trapped at the dam.

There was some other very interesting clues given by psychics, like one saying that a person name Darien Carter was closely related to the case, and followers who learned about the premonition were surprised when they learned that one of the Johnson family members who hung out at Deena Barnes’ apartment had the initials DC. The fascination that psychics brought to the search for the teen’s killers didn’t stop there. A psychic drew a picture of the person she says she saw as the killer very early in the case. You will have to make your own conclusion as to whether the image actually resembles Michael Johnson, but you must admit the image alone is remarkable:


This is a sketch of the person, that a psychic who saw a vision of Phylicia Barnes’ killer drew back in January of 2011.

It’s important for all of us to know people are willing to use their time, resources, and other means of support to aid in bringing justice to victims and their families when injustices occur like the case of Phylicia Simone Barnes. Additionally, I know that I can confidently say that Phylicia’s mother and her Dad are grateful for any and all efforts made to bring closure to this horrible crime. For the record is simply a very comforting feeling to know that there are sleuthers out there prowling around in the shadows of crime, working, and prying into the mysterious of unsolved cases to create a more safer society which benefits the entire human race. I tip my hats to them all for their relentlessness, time, and dedication.



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