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Late Breaking In Barnes Teen Murder Case: Motion For Protective Order Reveals Witnesses Lives May Be In Jeopardy

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Just 6 days after Maryland prosecutors filed a motion in Baltimore Circuit Court requesting the court room be closed when Deena Barnes takes the stand as a witness for the state and while a video recording is played showing late murder victim Phylicia  Barnes, her older half-sibling Deena Barnes, Deena’s ex-boyfriend (accused killer Michael Johnson), and Michael’s younger brother engaged in sexual relations, motions were filed today for a Protective Order. Case information from Michael Johnson’s upcoming January 22, 2013 murder trial for allegedly killing the late honors teen reveal Baltimore Circuit Court of Maryland filings shows a Protective Order was sought today January 3, 2013. It’s unclear exactly who requested protection, but it establishes that a concern exist for individual(s) safety who may be connected to the case. In Maryland such a request is typically sought by an individual to obtain relief from abuse by another person for domestic violence, child abuse, and vulnerable adult abuse, etc. Some states allow for such motions to hinder disclosure of information pertaining to information within a court case, but in Maryland such concerns are normally resolved by a judge issuing a Gag Order prohibiting parties involved in high-profile cases from releasing sensitive details about pending court cases to the media or public. Today’s motion most certainly relates to concerns or apprehensive fear indicating parameters exist conducive to conclude that some form of abuse has in fact occurred. It’s not likely that such a filing derived from motions for Michael Johnson’s defense, but highly speculative that the request was made by state prosecutors who are planning to present witnesses that may testify with damaging culpable evidence against Johnson. During Johnson’s Bail Hearing judge John A. Howard denied bond for Johnson citing that “he is a danger to public safety, especially for those closest to him”. That statement gave early indication that there may be relatives or close friends who have made statements to police against him. During the case’ arraignment the state produced over 17,000 pieces of discovery evidence detailing their case against Johnson. Much of that evidence probably contains statements from witnesses who have been interviewed by police related to the Barnes teen murder. One of the more noted potential witnesses in the case is possibly Danisha McIntosh who tweeted on January 28, 2011, and just a month after the Barnes teen disappeared, “it’s trapped at the dam, don’t pull the lever”. State Police were actually made aware of that information from the public and it has tremendous baring on the case, because Phylicia Barnes’ nude body was actually found at the Conowingo Dam in Northern, Maryland. That tid-bit of information may have led cops to Johnson considering Danisha made the tweet months before Barnes was even found and establishing that many within the Johnson circle along with others known to have frequented Deena Barnes’ apartment where young Phylicia was staying, probably had insight on where the child’s body had been discarded, and Danisha McIntosh also just happens to be the ex-girlfriend of Dorian Carpenter who is a Johnson Cousin that was one of the people initially interviewed by police surrounding the Barnes teen disappearance. TPC eve published an article late last year expressing concerns that McIntosh’s life could been in danger because of the tweet she made, and considering the violent reputation of some of the males that were known to frequent Deena Barnes’ apartment. Additionally, Deena could be in danger herself after the revelation emerged that she had sex on tape with her kid sister. Once that information became public the social media community went ballistic on her, calling Deena Barnes everything from a rapist, child molester, and murderer. One poster on social media even said, “Janice Sallis should get a baseball bat and beat her to death”. Such drastic and violent response from the public is typical in heinous criminal cases of this nature. It’s explosive, dangerous, and alarming that the public has become aware of such disturbing details in a child murder case. It is in fact important that measure be taken to insure the safety of Deena Barnes and other potential witnesses in this tragic murder case. The public is also very agitated at the fact that Deena Barnes attempted to sway public perception in the case, by blaming Michael Johnson for her sister’s murder. During a Peas In The Pods interview Deena was asked about a rumor indicating that Phylicia may have fallen asleep on top pf Michael on the sofa. Deena sternly denied such allegations on the show indicating that nothing remotely close to that was going on at her apartment while her baby sister was staying there. Deena also publicly denied that she had allowed her little sister to use drugs and drink alcohol, but the recent Circuit Court filings demonstrate that the state is prepared to disclose in court that she has been lying about these facts. It’s not just the fact that she gave young Phylicia drugs and alcohol, but she allowed males to have sex with her in her own presence while someone recorded it. These facts coupled with her blatant lies from the very beginning is the direct result of people within the community potentially wanting to harm her. Once Michael Johnson was actually arrested and charged with killing the child, TPC that filings in his criminal case revealed a demand for a chemist. This also may show that the state intends on proving that drugs and possibly alcohol was in the teens system around the time that she was killed, and further discounting the lies that many people involved in the case including Deena had originally told the police. Now that the case is shaping up to show a more clear picture surrounding what actually happened to pretty young Phylicia Barnes the rats and roaches who are actually responsible for the child’s demise may have began to scatter running for cover. The sheets have been pulled off of Deena Barnes’ dirty business and there also maybe individuals preparing to make certain that she along with others never make it inside a court room to try and clean up her dirty act and blame this murder on any and everyone else other than herself. It’s not inconceivable that Michael Johnson and his family are incapable of silencing witnesses to save his own neck. This kind of witness tampering has occurred before and Baltimore is known for such antics. Years ago a high profile drug dealer name Anthony Jones ordered hits on several witnesses scheduled to testify against him in his Federal Drug Dealing case. The hits were carried out after someone with the Correctional Staff at the Baltimore City Detention Center smuggled a cell phone into the facility. The Feds actually obtained recordings of Jones ordering the hits after hours that the facility allowed inmates to use the phone. So, anything is possible when it comes to silencing a witness that may send you to prison for the rest of your life. Then again, there is also street justice. The kind of justice that circumvents the law by removing undesirables who committed crimes lack this against innocent children. In the event that something of this nature occurs related to Deena Barnes, I don’t think there would be much outcry for justice like the public has demanded for the killing of her baby sister Phylicia Simone Barnes. You can review the entire case Filing History of the State of Maryland’s case against Michael Johnson by using the name Michael Maurice Johnson in the search engine here: State Case against Michael Johnson




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