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What is a Nigg’as Mentality?

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To first understand exactly, the term, “A Nigga’s Mentality, allow me to trace our culture back to the slavery era.   In the early 1600’s people from Africa were forced into places like the United States, Brazil and other parts of the world.  When the white slave traders laid eyes upon us they referred to us a Negro, or Niger as it means black in Spanish.   Around the early 1800s, the term Nigger was then associated with having a derogatory connotation used and created by the white slave traders, the white people who sold and purchased slaves.  During that timeframe, the word Nigger was also used in sentences like, “come here dumb Nigger,” or “Nigger, what are you doing?”  Blacks didn’t have personal names associated, like John, Sue or Lisa, rather the word nigger was used in a way in which to call or belittle black people.

If you are reading this story and you are of African American descent, it means one thing in particular to me.  It means that your people who crossed the Atlantic Ocean through the Middle Passage, who were forced onto slave ships, raped, brutally beaten, branded and tortured did in fact survive.   They survived being hanged, beaten with whips, mutilated and for what?  Three-digit homicide rates in places like Philadelphia, PA?   What it means is that our people survived for you.  It means you are of strong and determined genes.  You originate from Kings and Queens.  Survivors! To hear and see the destruction we face today saddens me because I know that many people who need this book or any book for that matter will not opt to expand their knowledge base.  It also means those of us who can break the vicious cycle have turned our heads and backs on our brothers and sisters still caught up on the chains.  It means that those of us who are out here fighting and assisting are tired and need help.  It also means that some of us have lost hope.  We must do more for these people.  A dear friend of mine always says, “No one is safe until we’re all safe.”

If you are of non- African-American descent and are reading this book, I need for you to understand that not all Black people are bad people and in fact there are far more good hearted and hard-working Black people than the ones who are committing crimes and lending themselves to nonsense or have an “I don’t care mentality,” are lazy, trifling and any other negative prejudice one may have about Blacks.  We have too many great leaders and average Black people who have contributed greatly to this country and beyond.  It is on our backs, blood, sweat and tears that this country was built and please don’t ever forget that tidbit of information.

With that being said, and for reasons that are not totally understandable by many, although sociologists and theorists will argue otherwise, there are some that have fallen by the wayside, through the cracks and have adapted this Nigga mind-set where it’s all about self and not us as a people.

Having the mindset of a Nigga is plain and simple.  If you have an “I don’t give a damn,” attitude about anything or anyone because “I have been wronged in life,” it is more than likely you have a Nigga’s Mentality.

I will allow you to take this simple test to determine if you have or know someone that has a Nigga’s Mentality.  Chances are, you know of someone or you are in fact, a person who shares these ideologies.

Do I have a Nigga’s Mentality?

1.      You proudly claim and boast that you’re a Nigga

2.      You aspire to be a criminal

3.      You don’t take pride in yourself or your community

4.      You refer to your kids as Niggas and other harmful names

5.      You’d rather rob, steal or kill someone rather than work for a paycheck

6.      You encourage your kids to sell drugs or perform illegal activities

7.      You’ve been released from jail only to return to society to be a better criminal

8.      Excluding religious reasons, you have more kids than you can afford, yet keep having more

9.      You have no goals nor want any

10.  You illegally own a handgun and you kill people, showing no remorse

Thinking of one’s self, or aspiring to be negative is not only harmful to self yet its harmful effects can be seen throughout the community.  When I am your neighbor and you throw trash in front of your home, have loud music blasting in your front yard with no consideration for me at 1:00 AM or have your kids running up and down the street until the early hours of the morning, that hurts us all.

Hurt People; hurt People.  I learned this quote a few years ago and although it’s simplistic, it succinct.   Let’s take the example of a wounded animal.  When I was about seven or eight, I witnessed a neighbor’s dog get hit by a car.  The dog’s leg was shaking profusely, he was foaming from the mouth and he was probably about to die. The dog’s owner reached over to comfort the dog and or pick him up and the dog attempted to bite the hand of his owner.   The same goes for some people who have been called names growing up.  They sometimes lash out.  Now this is not to say that some hurt people will inevitably lash out to hurt everyone they encounter but chances are, if a person is hurt, there is a chance they will want to inflict that same type of pain on others.

Calling your child harmful names, physically and verbally abusing them on a continual basis may lead to damaging effects, which could even result in further destruction.

If you are not your child’s role model, yet you think the professional basketball or football star qualifies for this position, you are sadly mistaken.

As people, we have been granted special gifts, our children, who are our most valuable resources; our community, to which we call home; and our freedom, which was is our inalienable right.  The Bible, Luke 12:48, says, “To whom much is given, much is required.”  Simply put, this problem of violence and destruction did not begin overnight and it will not end with any one reading this book.  We will see an increase in support when we collectively address this problem.


Ms. Warner’s book: The Mindsent of Niggas; Reaching the Unreachable is available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble via Nook for $3.99.


The People’s Champions
I’m Natosha Warner


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3 Responses to “What is a Nigg’as Mentality?”

  1. dbrianadams says:

    Powerful piece Notosha.

  2. Emily G. says:

    I am on my way to go get this book. Thank you for posting about it. hard stuff to read, but those of us who do not live in inner-city/urban areas need to get educated about what’s really going on. It is kept hidden, for the most part, unless some big crime happens.
    Thank you.


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