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The Honors Teen Phylicia Barnes Murder: Making Sense Of This Tragedy

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First and foremost I would like to thank the hundreds of readers who have come to The People’s Champion Blog in the past 48 hours to gather information related to this horrific case. News of the disturbing details related to activity which most certainly led up to the untimely demise of Janice and Raheem Mustafa’s little girl is a bitter pill to swallow. I won’t even attempt to imagine the pain these parents are now enduring in the wake of learning that their child was subjected to abhorrent sexual exploitation behavior spearheaded by the child’s half-sibling, because I can’t. I can’t describe the pain that any parent might feel in such a disgusting scenario. In fact I do feel comfortable speaking on behalf of these parents when I convey to you that such animalistic and perverse kind of human conduct was never a characteristic of the parenting style they utilized while raising Phylicia Simone Barnes. I also can say with conviction that the details outlined in a Maryland state prosecution motion highlighting the fact that there is video evidence which reveal the child engaged in sexual relations with her older half-sister, the sister’s boyfriend, and his younger brother comes as a complete shock to her parents as it more than likely has to the public . Furthermore, I am convinced that such discovery has deeply hurt the child’s mother in light of the fact Janice Mustafa has consistently conveyed her strict parental guidelines she has established for all of her children. When a parent labors in a child’s development through love, support , and example only to see them dissipate mortally because of poor decision making on the child’s part, it may foster hurt, anger, and disappointment from the child’s parents. However, we must remind these same parents of the vulnerability which children often encounter while away from their normal living structure, and that teenage children in particular often fall prey to adults who violate trust, manipulate, and extort children’s innocence to exact sexual abuse and other perversions upon them. Often times predators use material, deceit, and other tangibles to carryout sexual desires. In Phylicia’s case drugs and alcohol were the weapons of choice in youthful destruction. Some have made it a point to now case dispersion and innuendo upon the character of this kid without  clear understanding of the entire case. Calling the child a trashy 16-year-old is completely unfair when she was undoubtedly a standout among her peers, a scholar, and headed to college a year early. These facts dismiss the notion that Phylicia was anything of the sort. Her home life was structured and her mother was firm out of love for her, and mother Mustafa’s actions in rearing her child isn’t inconsistent with the norm of parenting an attractive daughter. Janice Mustafa describes her child as a silly, fun loving, book smart, but a naive up and coming young lady. Her success at such a youthful time in her life was certainly admirable and inspiring, but we must also realize and never forget that Phylicia was a child, and there were suppose to be safeguards to protect her while in the care of supposed family visited in Baltimore. For two years the Barnes Family in Baltimore have literally played the media and a concern public like a game, presenting themselves as caring family, god fearing people, and wanting justice for Phylicia. As one follower of this case put it, “What was in the Dark has now come to the Light”, and we must ask what the Barnes family have to say now considering that Deena Barnes actions exposed the child to heinous, ungodly, and criminal behavior that ultimately led to her baby half-sister’ death. When we look back at images of Barnes family members parading the streets of the city attempting to gain assistance in finding Phylicia, and their solicitation to the State Legislature to pass Phylicia’s Law is upsetting because Deena Barnes is responsible for what happened to Phylicia. However, I am not downplaying the significance that such a law will accomplish in assisting other families when their children go missing, but the fact that you and a grown man actually had sex with her on tape, and then attempt to create deception that you are unaware of what may have happen to her speaks volumes about the depth of your sickness and sadism. Perhaps Phylicia Barnes made bad choices while under the care of her half-siblings, but clearly Deena Barnes and her friends manipulated this impressionable child, and may have even drugged her with “date rape” drugs to satisfy their sexual desires of this incredibly beautiful kid. I won’t speculate on matters I can not prove, but something went drastically went wrong for Phylicia to take off her clothes and engage in this kind of activity. I am reminded of the conversation that I had with Janice Mustafa who told me that her child was so modest about her body that she felt uncomfortable when she walked in on Phylicia while she was undressed. When news first broke regarding possible nude images of Phylicia being discovered, Janice told me that if those reports were in fact accurate about pictures of her daughter in such a compromising position that Phylicia had to be completely intoxicated, and the state has confirmed this mother’s fears. Moreover, Janice Mustafa warned the public last year about the Barnes family and what they were capable of. She gave TPC a powerful interview about her life with Russell Barnes who never wanted Phylicia and even beat her in an attempt to cause her to have a miscarriage while she was pregnant with Phylicia. She was even attacked by followers of this case who called her crazy, bitter, and a liar. Where are these people now? Where are all of the Barnes family members, Russell Barnes, Bryan Barnes, the aunts, and uncles who all collectively tried to place sole blame upon Michael Johnson and his relatives for what happened to Phylicia? At the end of the day we may learn that Johnson family members were actually responsible for killing Phylicia and discarding her body, but the Barnes family certainly can not stand on a righteous pedestal and condone the actions and behavior of Deena Barnes. I recall during the “Peas” interview when one of Dena’s aunts called into the show and tried to berate callers who were suspicious and asked tough questions. That woman sounded crazy and now looks even more crazier now that we know that her “precious” niece apparently had a desire to have sex with her own little sister who was a child. I am sure we won’t hear anymore from the likes of these people who were certainly in denial or knew all along what happened to Phylicia. It’s just completely upsetting that there was an attempt to sway the public’s perception that there was no wrong doing on the Barnes’ part in this horrific crime. It has all been nothing short of a charade when at the very least Deena Barnes knew that the video recording of herself, Phylicia, Michael Johnson, and Michael’s younger brother would eventually be made public. So, for the record we all should be very clear and intelligently discern for ourselves, that attacks upon Phylicia and her parents are insane when they only espoused to create a well rounded consciousness and social interaction with their child’s genealogy. Unfortunately, the Barnes family only reciprocated with darkness, cruelty, and despair. Lastly, Deena Barnes boldly kept the video recording on her cell phone even while the police were actively investigating this case, probably for self pleasures, and only further confirms her shameless irresponsibility which destroyed  innocence. What an evil, wicked, and satanic legacy!


This is a video of Phylicia Barnes with her baby sister kidding around, and also offers a glimpse of the child’s character and home life. The notion that some would call this child trashy is absurd.


In contrast, here is a video which demonstrates the public perception of a child who was inspirational to many with Deena Barnes appearing to have authentic grief while all along knowing what she had done.

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