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Malone Teen Slaying Exposes Black Leadership: Georgia Murder Case Lacks Opportunity To Promote Racial Divide & Monetary Gain

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The discussion is now centered on how best to bring the tragic killing of Vanessa “Honey” Malone to the National Media spotlight. The killing of the popular Georgia teen is undoubtedly a horrific crime, and the fact that her peers were able to bring her story onto Social Media’s worldwide center stage is nothing short of incredible. Blogs from various social forums are now talking about how cowardly young black men shot the 100 pound 18-year-old in the back while suspiciously others who were there strangely survived. The events of that night when this beautiful young girl lost her life in a hail of gunfire is all too familiar. Nobody knows anything, no one saw anything, and no one is talking. Like the normal script, cops labeled the case drug related and their efforts finding the teen’s killers have been apathetic at best. Many followers are now writing letters, sending emails, and making phone calls to prominent black leaders, radio shows, and T.V. talk shows in a desperate attempt to bring broader media exposure to this senseless killing of a young female. Although the JustForHoney case is continuing to gain attention from all over the world, it’s simply disturbing that none of the so called prominent black figures who advocate social change in this country have chimed in on the teen’s tragic story. My personal calls to the Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network headquarters were met with constant voice recordings advising that the voice mail box was too full to retain further messages. Sharpton who came into national prominence surrounding the Tawana Brawley case, is more well known for his recent public advocacy in the Travon Martin killing. I also sent a communication to the so called Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Center Mosque in Chicago. I actually did speak with the secretary of an Aid to the Minister. During that dialogue the sister who answered the phone was diligent and asking questions while obtaining information regarding the case and the R.I.P. Honey Facebook page. I also gave a telephone number for Mrs. Flora King Malone to the sister and asked that someone from the Nation of Islam at the very least telephone the grieving mother to offer support as well as spiritual guidance during the Malone family’s darkest hour. Flora Malone tells TPC that no one has even bothered to even put a call out to her. Farrakhan has recently been speaking in black communities where black on black violence is perpetuating. Farrakhan has visited the streets of Chicago, Newark New Jersey, and Harlem New York on a campaign that he alleges is an effort to save black lives. However, Farrakhan’s public speaking during many of these events appear to be nothing more than his normal publicity seeking, and are not void of his usual undertones of race hate and racial divide. Farrakhan is more widely known for his Vintage Race Hate toward white people, and my communication to him was to call him out about his own words. Farrakhan has been advocating that black people should learn to love themselves, his message continues to fall upon death ears from many within the black community who see him for what he really is ( a cowardice racist who hides behind an army of assuming black men eager to make their capacity to hate known to the world). The 127,000 followers of the Malone murder case make up a rainbow of God’s people deriving from various ethnic groups across the planet, and many of whom are the world’s young people. What a pristine opportunity for black leaders all across this country to capture the ears of the world’s youth and advocate love, hope, condone violence of any kind, and more particularly violence against women. The fact that none of them were able to become informed about such a horrible crime without solicitation from the public, is indicative of exactly how out of touch black leaders are with the masses of people whom they profess to represent. However, looking at my perspective from your own personal objectivity, you will find that there is a common denominator that exist in cases like the Malone teen slaying that prohibits action of any kind from these so-called and professed leaders of the black community. Every time any of these public figures are in front of the media there is always some issue related to race, issues pertaining to an injustice toward people of color, and opportunities to spark outrage within an assuming black community where donations, and other financial support is eventually gained. Why are these leaders only present during race related social issues in our country? When was the last time Al Sharpton stood in front of a microphone to denounce black on black violence, violence within the American youth, and violence against women? When was the last time you saw Farrakhan speaking in protest of the very viciousness of violence that blacks impose upon black communities, and did so without pointing figures at the white community alleging that they are directly responsible for black on black violence? Never! The dark-heart and uncompassionate black men who killed Vanessa Malone are in fact savages, and represent a vicious minority within our community that we must collectively rid ourselves of. How dare you advocate injustice toward the masses of black people, but fail to display an equal disdain for extremely violent culture inflicted upon our communities at the hands of many of our very own people. There are countless of murders all over America committed by black youth and none of these so-called leaders have said nothing about this. This is hypocrisy at it’s best. Where are you now when the masses of the people look to you for your guidance, and leadership? In fact where are the ministers who collect tithe from God’s people on Sunday? Where are the black entertainers and musicians whose very prosperity has derived from the masses? Where are all of you now when such a crime has cast down disparity, grief, and suffering upon a people crying out for justice? In fact, where is the NAACP? Where is the Urban League? Where is Minister T.D. Jakes? Where are all of the so-called prominent leaders of the black community? Most importantly, where is President Barack Obama in the wake of the senseless killing of a young female?Flora Malone doesn’t have tens of thousands of dollars to buy your leadership, and her daughters murder is nothing more than another another case file number for the local police investigating her killing. So, if this child’s life is of no significance to those of great influence and political power, then at the very least come forward and stand beside these children whose lives are now shattered because of the tragic ending of one of their peers. The lack of involvement by black leaders in this country is simply pure hypocrisy, and sends a hell of a message to the world’s youth who have mobilized for non-violence and justice. I will continue to support our youth and speak for the masses who lack the capacity to accurately express their plight, while our black leaders selectively chose their involvement in social issues that profit their advocacy.



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One Response to “Malone Teen Slaying Exposes Black Leadership: Georgia Murder Case Lacks Opportunity To Promote Racial Divide & Monetary Gain”

  1. Gary Adams says:

    Well, said little brother! First of all i must ask this very simple question; Who appointed these persons our leaders? A leader is someone who is ever present whether during tragic events or moments of accomplishments for our people. These so called leader seem to bask in the spotlight when it suits their cause; showing the raw face of racism. We must empower our child to face the fact that violence does not settle anything just cause more grief. Too many of our young are being thrown away due to senseless violence, we as parents, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles and brothers and sisters must guide these children to see the folly of their actions. Too many times so many families are taking their young to a final resting place, with this dreams, abilities and possible unfathomable accomplishments goes unfulfilled. It is so sad that we must once again discuss the tragic loss of youthfulness because of cowardly act of a few. So lets stop even assigning these so called people the title: leader. I pray wholeheartedly for Ms. Malone and her loss, it is time we find real leaders who will put the cause of black people first, instead of grandstanding about nothing that really affects us as a people.

    Gary Adams


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