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Justice In Sight For Mustafa Family Pretty Flower: Phylicia Barnes Murder Trial Finally Draws Near

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The story about a little girl who disappeared and made national news headlines maybe be finally coming to a culmination, as Maryland State Prosecutors have the painstaking task of proving Michael Johnson murdered the pretty honors student from Monoroe, North Carolina in Baltimore over two years ago. The Phylicia Simone Barnes case captivated our nation when the studios kid simply vanished while visiting her biological fathers side of the family. The case began as a complete puzzle with police authorities calling her disappearance “one of the most complexing missing person cases for the city in recent memory.” Cops began looking for the little girl based on information provided by those who were around her. Many of the initial leads police received during their hunt for the child were unfounded, and led many to ponder whether the police were deliberately being misled. While searches were being conducted in the Baltimore area, the Barnes teen’ body was floating in the chilly waters of the Susquehanna River in Northern Maryland. Disturbing new developments in the case continue to spark outrage with details of the case against Johnson now having been made public. Recent reports indicating that the Barnes teen was captured in a cellphone video recording intoxicated and engaging in sexual relations with Johnson, his younger brother, and the child’s own half-sibling Deena Barnes. No indication that others will in fact be charged also in the Barnes killing have been made public, but concerns have escalated pertaining to what the child’s family may have told cops from the onset of her missing person report. It was widely publicized in the media that young Phylicia had vanished while going to a local business to get something to eat near the Northwest Baltimore apartment where she had been staying with her half-siblings. Anonymous tips were also given to the cops about potential locations where the child might in fact be held against her will. Tip after tip came in to authorities, but none of these leads resulted in locating Barnes. It wasn’t until months later that the child’s nude body was discovered floating in a river 30 miles away. The information that cops received early on in the investigation may have delayed police’ ability to potentially locate Barnes. No one appeared to know what happen to her, and now that it has been determined adults in fact had been engaging in sex with the child it’ opens legitimate discussions that the police were deliberately misled to conceal horrible details of  an alleged  potential sexual assault that has now been made public. There was a perception within the public from the very start when young Phylicia went missing that accounts by her older female half-siblings didn’t quite add up. The “Peas In Their Pods” interview is now extremely telling as we look back and re-examine that interview. The siblings claim they both lost contact with Phylicia in the late morning hours of December 28, 2010. They both also claim that it was Johnson who advised them that Phylica was on the sofa asleep. That report was accepted by the women despite Kelly Barnes’ supposedly scheduled to pick her kid sister up for a hair appointment, and shopping for beauty supplies. The fact that Kelly never picked Phylicia up as planned that day heightens suspicion from the public that the women may have already known the child was deceased. Perhaps the most telling aspect of their claims is neither of them went by the apartment to physically check on Phylicia until 6:00 p.m. that day. Deena Barnes alleges she called around speaking with family and friends in an effort to locate the child, but was unsuccessful. She then contacts her father (Phylicia’s biological father) Russell Barnes who lives in Atlanta, Georgia to alert him of Phylicia’s disappearance. Deena never notified Janice Mustafa that her daughter was missing.In fact Janice called Deena after getting a “sickening feeling” in her stomach. Russell Barnes notified his half-brother who is a Baltimore City police officer, subsequently the official report was noted that Barnes went to get something to eat, and in complete contrast to various other accounts that were made by the female siblings during the “Peas” interview. The women sad that Phylicia was asleep on the sofa, Deena Barnes later stated that Johnson told her the child was up and active, and one account even said Phylicia had fallen asleep on Johnson. The later account was probed by “Peas” host Gutane Borders who specifically asked if Phylicia had fallen asleep on top of Johnson, and Deena Barnes sternly denied such an account. However, we are now aware that Deena, Michael Johnson, and Johnson’s younger brother engaged in sexual relations with the child. Deena clearly gave an untruthful response of Johnson’s relationship with her younger sibling, because she in fact knew Johnson had sex with the child while it was recorded. Russell was the person who created the account Phylicia had gone to get something to eat. Russell Barnes also was the person who told Michael Johnson to get lost before police arrived. These relevant  and inconsistent factors in this case are the focal point that many believe the child’s father side of the family may have conspired to conceal what actually happened to young Phylicia Barnes. Additionally, the presence of Russell’s brother, whether in an official capacity or not, tends to indicate he also may have helped establish the bogus story about Phylicia going to get food as credible information. The officer should have never gone by the apartment and began questioning people, because the child was a relative, and creates a stigmatization and conflict of interest. A more appropriate reaction upon obtaining the call from Russell would have been to advised Russell to call police, have him notify him when police were at the scene, and he could have come over in an observer capacity to support his family. The officer’s actions creates a discovery issue pertaining to the case if any of the information gathered during that initial phase of the investigation was obtained by Russell’s brother, and could very well be ruled as inadmissible during the trial. Information given to police with Russell’s brother present delayed the investigation allowing for critical time to elapse that may have resulted in discovering the teen’s whereabouts if accurate information had been given to police. It’s clear people associated with the case who were either there or hang out at the apartment, deliberately gave deceptive information regarding the physical well being of Phylicia Barnes. The established orgy, party, and drug usage like atmosphere is extremely compelling, and supports the argument that they may have covered it all up. While Michael Johnson sits in a jail cell at the Baltimore City Detention Center as the person accused of killing this promising child, the public will have to wait and see exactly how thoroughly police investigated the initial phase of this murder case. When the court is called in to order on January 22, 2013 we will all be waiting, watching, and hoping that justice prevails for our pretty little flower named Phylicia Barnes. We are praying for Janice and Raheem Mustafa that closure comes for their family in this horrific case.



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  1. Thank God it’s coming to an end!!!


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