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Baby Joshua Davis Declared Deceased: New Braunfels Police Say Family Is Lying About What Happened The Night The Tot Vanished

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Small tot "baby Joshua Davis" pictured with his mom Sabrina Benitez

A tragic story that began on February 4, 2011 has become even more saddening as the New Braunsfel, Texas Police Department issued a statement saying that, “their child is probably deceased”. This late breaking news is disturbing because authorities have not made an arrest in the case nor offered an explanation as to why they believe the tot has come to a tragic ending. Baby Joshua’s story gained little media attention since the night he vanished from his Texas home without a trace. The story angers many who have followed the case and has left doubt about the accuracy of what the child’s family told police that night. Baby Joshua some how disappeared while there were 8 adults in the house during the time the tot’s mom says she noticed him missing. Federal, State, Local, and even the Texas Rangers Police Authorities have combed the 2,500 populated trailer home community without obtaining a single clue about what may have happened to the child. Police say there isn’t even evidence to suggest that the child might have been abducted by someone. The Bizarre disappearance of  an 18 month old baby during the winter months has cops thinking the family is directly responsible for what ever happened to the baby. Though the family continuously convey their innocence, they continue to publicly say they believe he is alive. However, the police think otherwise.  Lt. Stephen Hanna of the New Braunfels Police Department says, “The investigators have essentially confronted the family, basically saying that we are fairly certain that something has happened, that their was an accident inside the house and that something happened to the child.”  Hanna also believes that someone is not being honest from that night. Hanna said, “The seven individuals that were in the house that night, one of them or numerous of them know what happened and have been misleading investigators as to what happened to the child.” There are many people who believe the cops are accurate. The initial statements from Sabrina Benitez, the tot’s mom, opened the door for suspicion from the very start. Chiefly, her account that she jumped up to go looking for Joshua after he had only been out of her sight for 10 minutes. Many feel the fact that she immediately went into panic mode after such a short time period, tends to indicate that something may have happened in the home to cause the mom to develop concern for the safety of her baby. Also, her word usage during her earlier comments like “the grand father” and “the baby”, shows distance and separation. The fact that she describes the events of that night while referring to her own son as “the baby” angers the public. It’s perceived that a mother innately displays clarity when identifying their child in the wake of  such an emergency pertaining to the whereabouts and safety of not just their kids, but children in general. Moreover, while the public is disturbed by her statements, it’s completely unimaginable that a small child like baby Joshua could simply vanish while there are numerous adults in the home at the time. Perhaps an active tot “busy” as ever in a a crowded living environment may offer clues to what really happened that night. This is a very sad , yet incredible story in which many continue to seek answers. View recent media coverage here Baby Joshua Update.

From left, Joshua Davis sr. and Sabrina Benitez, the parents of missing tot Joshua Davis, handing out fliers seeking the public's help locating their missing child.


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