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Delaware Honors Teen Slaying Was On Sacred Ground: Amy Joyner Killing Sparks Outrage As School No Longer A Safe Haven For Kids

In a private ceremony within the coming days her family will celebrate her short life, and her remains will be interned at a final resting place. In what must be the saddest time for the family of young Amy Joyner, they’ll gather themselves and struggle with the reality of having to say their goodbyes to

Petro-Nixon Killing Approaching Ten Year Anniversary: Little Girl Thrown Out With Garbage Needs A Psychic Detective Walk On Her Case

The case files and all of the details surrounding a decades old New York homicide, are neatly packed away on some dusty shelf in an NYPD Cold Case Unit’s storage space. It was nearly ten years ago when a teen girl left her home to fill out a job application and then meet up with

Only Black Students Chosen As Wait Staff For Annual King Ceremony: School Administration Actions Outrage Black Community Of Frederick Maryland

From its “shab row” European style brick cottages to its cobblestone pathways, its perhaps the ideal community that resembles the “old country” kind of living which attract rural family culture. Its scenic landscapes provide thrill seekers with adventure, and cutting edge cuisine is served up in Civil War-era buildings alongside unique specialty shops, galleries, museums, and

Phylicia Barnes Murder Case Far From Over: Five Years Later Shauntel Sallis Breaks Silence About Her Kid Sister’ Murder

“On the fifth anniversary of the disappearance of honors teen Phylicia Simone Barnes, I have chosen to publish a series of articles which highlight her older sister’s perspective pertaining to the child’s tragic killing and the circumstances surrounding the ensuing criminal cases that followed, and her efforts to launch a national campaign through clothing apparel

“Monkey See Monkey Do” Defense In Porter Trial: Cop’s Rationalization For Not Helping Freddie Gray Is Weak At Best, And Should Result In Conviction

Now that the state and defense have both rested their cases in the criminal trial of William Porter, one of six police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray, we can start to grasp a closer look at what actually happen the day Gray was arrested in West Baltimore and subsequently encountered a severe

The Fruit From Baltimore’s Forbidden Tree Is Dead At Age 73: Even In His Passing The Legacy Of “Little Melvin” Williams Remains A Symbol Of Death For His Own People

He was celebrated perhaps as one of Baltimore’s greatest native sons, who emerged from poverty, and manifested a street pedigree from his days as a hooligan while navigating the card parlors, pool halls and back-alley crap games of West Baltimore. An endeavor that “Little Melvin” Williams would eventually transform into a multi million dollar empire. Many

“From Paris With Another Lie”: The Paris Terrorist Attack On Friday The 13th Mirrors An Ancient French Horror That Changed The World

When the world first became aware of the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday the 13th, it sent shock waves of fear across the globe. The Western World Governments and its allies quickly spent the story as a direct result of ISIS. The media has been promoting propaganda about the so called terrorist group for

A “Chink In The Armor” For BCPD Officers Charged With Killing Prisoner: Cop’s Account May Solidify State Case In Freddie Gray Death

On the day family and friends buried one of Sandtowne-Winchester’s own native sons,  Freddie Gray, violence and rioting erupted across Baltimore City. Historians labeled such an uprising as “the lid finally popping off of a social and political fire storm within one of Baltimore’s most disenfranchised communities that had been simmering for generations.” In the

A Stone Mountain Murder Mystery Unsolved: The Fight For Justice In Georgia Teen Slaying Continues Three Years Later With New Information

In the three years since her daughter was murdered in a Stone Mountain Georgia apartment, there have been lots of tears, few leads, and very perplexing perspectives offered by many surrounding the death of young Vanessa Marie Malone, who was affectionately known by family and friends as “Honey.” Her mother says that she can’t unravel

The “Monkey” Kills Journalist In VA: Virginia Shooting Indicative Of Black Community Tiring Of Being Picked On

How often in the American public do you see the kind of explosive behavior that transpired in Roanoke Virginia yesterday, where a disgruntled former news reporter (a black man) went off the deep end and killed two of his former colleagues? Like me, I’m sure most can’t recall such a fiasco in recent memory. It’s

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