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Slain Honors Teen Phylicia Barnes Remembered In Fashion Line: E’nomisis Apparel Helps Family Recover From Tragic Ending Of Promising Kid From North Carolina

Its hard to believe that in the seven years since Janice and Raheem Mustafa’s middle daughter (Phylicia Simone Barnes) met a fateful tragedy while visiting relatives on her biological father’s side of the family, no one has ever been prosecuted for this promising child’s murder. In the years following her killing, a lot of tears,

Slain Georgia Teen’s Cold Case Turned Five Years Old: Crime Blogger Has An Audio Message About “Honey” Marie Malone

The tragedy of what happened to Flora Malone’s youngest daughter five years ago is simply too heartbreaking to some up in pages of the local press or on a blogger’s headlines. Vanessa who was affectionately known as “Honey” was only 100 pounds soak and wet a family says, which makes it more disturbing that someone

The Tragedy Of An Entire Baltimore Family’s Murder By Drug Dealers: Dawson Safe Haven Community Center Erected At Sight Of House Fire In Memory Of Slain Family

She wasn’t a typical Baltimore mother, passionate, tough, and a woman who cared about the community that her children were growing up in. Angela Dawson and her husband Carnell were raising 6 kids in a small neighborhood tucked away behind the infamous Greenmount Cemetery in a gritty section of East Baltimore, where the remains of

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